Wendy & Wattle Park Props

Wattle Park is a working sheep farm in the middle of the Port Germein Gorge that was first established in 1854.

Running poll merino sheep primarily for wool, Wattle Park is now run by Robin Pole and sons.

Robin is a fourth or fifth generation Pole (the history is murky) and has been traipsing up and down the hills of the Gorge since he could walk.

Part of the property adjoins Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and much of the hills country is native vegetation with abundant native birds and animals.

Wendy’s @ Wattle Park is a stone homestead built in 1938. It has been home to three generations of Poles, the most recent of whom was Robin’s mother Wendy.

Wendy was known, loved and respected throughout the district. The kettle was always on, the food was always plentiful and if you asked a question – you got a direct and honest answer. And we mean direct!

Now Wendy’s welcomes everyone but you will have to save your uploads for another time as there is no internet here and no mobile phone service.

Yep, you are going to be off the grid, so kick back, detox and enjoy this glorious natural setting.

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